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Invisalign GOŽ 

Invisalign GO®


Invisalign GO® can give you the beautiful straight teeth you have always wanted through a minimally invasive approach. The system allows your dentist to treat mild to moderate misalignment cases. It is fast replacing traditional metal train tracks (fixed braces) as the subtler way to improve the appearance of your teeth.


Invisalign GO® works through a series of almost invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners so no one can really tell you're wearing them. They offer an aesthetic alternative to conventional braces and allow for normal brushing and oral hygiene tasks that are generally impaired by metal wires. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean therefore reducing your risk of gum disease

The Invisalign GO®Process


  • Invisalign® uses advanced 3-D computer-imaging technology to plan the movement of your teeth
  • At the initial consultation your teeth and jaws are examined and photos (+/- X-rays) are taken to establish whether you are eligible for Invisalign GO® treatment. This appointment gives you the opportunity to ask a lot of questions
  • Once suitability for treatment is established, dental impressions are taken of your teeth and sent to Invisalign® for them to create a 3-D digital model of your teeth and plan your treatment using ClinCheck® software
  • Your virtual treatment plan is then sent back to your dentist so we can ensure that you are happy with the end result and see how your teeth are going to move from start to finish.
  • You are able to comment on your finished result, making fine adjustments if required
  • When you are happy, and only when you are happy, the final invisible braces are made for you
  • Your treatment is often a combined approach of aligning, bleaching and placing composite white fillings on your front teeth to achieve the final smile. We call this the A-B-C process (Align-Brighten-Composites). We will always work together with you to set manageable goals.

This treatment is for non registered and registered patients.