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Private fee schedule 

We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome.

Patients are enrolled on a monthly payment plan at:

Adults (18+ years) - £14.40p per month,

5-17 year-olds - £5.00p per month

0-4 year-olds - free

This covers the vital and essential maintanance needs of:

  • 2 check-ups a year
  • 2 scale and polishes a year
  • all x-rays (radiographs)
  • dental home maintanance education
  • Out-of-Hours dedicated telephone number
  • referral to specialists
  • diagnostics
  • Dental Insurance when away from home

Other treatments are chargeable at very competitive rates, for example:

White fillings from £80.00
Root Filling Assessment  £75.00
Crowns (porcelain)  from £420.00
Veneers from £300.00
Extraction  from £83.00
Dental Sedation Assessment  £65.00
Dentures from £400.00
Tooth Whitening System from £300.00

Invisalign Go Assessment       

from £65.00











Please telephone for a joining pack which includes further information and costings. No obligation.